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Linda and her MahJongg Students

Thanks so much Linda for a great MahJongg class. It was very well structured, very easy to understand and also a lot of fun. I enjoyed meeting both you and the other ladies and am excited to get back into playing the game. Your expertise is obvious from the first session and continued on throughout all of the classes.

Thanks so much for a great three weeks,


Linda, I had such a great time playing Monday Mahjongg. What fun! You did a wonderful job in organizing the tables. I loved playing with my friend Donna and getting to also meet other women. From now on whenever I come to the city, I will make sure my travel plans include visiting with you and the Monday Mahjongg group!

In fact, the visit inspired me to write the short poem below. Thanks again! It was a pleasure to meet you!

Cathie deLeon, Houston, Texas

In New York City, oh my gosh, what fun,
Playing weekly Mahjongg for everyone!

Linda organizes the game on each Monday,
Plans the lunch and sets the tables for play.

You must make a reservation. Mark the date.
Bring your new card and money. Don't be late!

Yes, if you go to Monday Mahjongg, you will be
Very happy that you did...just wait and see!

I am soooo enjoying this opportunity to play and continue to learn Mah Jongg. Thanks to your great lessons, this is a truly enjoyable experience.

See you Monday!

Alyse Hirsekorn

Learning something new when you are 61 can be a bit scary, but learning Mah Jongg with Linda Feinstein was anything but! She made learning the game interesting and challenging, yet loads of fun. I felt an immediate connection to Linda. She is a warm and happy, pretty lady who exudes class with a capital C.

After taking the required lessons, I was invited to join Linda's Manhattan Mah Jongg Club. Now, Monday has become my favorite day of the week. I look forward to playing MJ with the friends I met at the club. Our games are filled with excitement and laughter, as we share our lives across the game we love! Sometimes I get to meet new people and it is always interesting to find the many connections we all seem to have beyond the game itself.

Linda's MJ club has become a place for me to meet old and new friends.


I LOVE Linda Feinstein and the skill with which she teaches

I LOVE playing Mah Jongg

I LOVE Mah Jongg Mondays at Olivia's

I LOVE the amazing friends I've made through playing Mah Jongg

I LOVE the fact that Linda and Mah Jongg have made such a HUGE difference in my life!


When I was a little girl I watched my mother play Mah Jongg. I have memories of camaraderie and fun. I always wanted to learn how to play but the rules of the game seemed intimidating and endless. Linda's classes organize the game into manageable lessons. I can now join in on the fun and play with confidence.


I wanted to tell you yesterday but never got the chance--I have so enjoyed coming and playing on Mondays!! Knowing that I have Mahjong Mondays has really changed my outlook on Sundays!!! I appreciate all you do and love seeing your smiling face when I open that door---Thanks for having such a wonderful idea and pleasing so many women at once---who knew that was ever possible!!!

Congratulations to you and so many thanks-- Jessica

I always knew that when I retired, Mah Jongg would be part of my life. Big problem, my mother did not play nor did any of my relatives. I researched far and wide and found that Linda Feinstein taught “Mah Jongg101.” She's an excellent teacher…I’m a tough student!

After just four sessions, I wanted to play on a regular basis. Linda told me about her club on the Upper East Side that meets every Monday. Approximately seventy-five women get together to play, and Linda, expertly arranges the women according to their level of play.

I have met the most wonderful people and play with a regular group every Monday. I love it.


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