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Manhattan Canasta Club
Morgan Skelton, Director, Manhattan Canasta Club

Morgan Skelton, Director

Manhattan Canasta Club

So follow the crowd, learn Canasta and make a natural segue to play at the Manhattan Canasta Club. Meet Morgan Skelton, the Club's Director, who offers a wonderful opportunity to literally bring your newly learned canasta skills to the table. She welcomes all levels to the Club. The Manhattan Canasta Club meets every Wednesday at Sarabeth's (E. 27th & Park Avenue South), 12:00pm to 4pm, and includes lunch and all the materials you need to play this wonderful game.

To register, email Morgan at morgan@manhattancanastaclub.com; visit her website, ManhattanCanastaClub.com; or call 646-644-9433.


the Manhattan Canasta Club
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Manhattan Canasta Club
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